Monday, July 23, 2012

Cycling & Central Oregon: The Perfect Match in Madras

Anyone who has spent any time in the Central Oregon region knows that cycling is a big part of the culture here. In fact, last weekend found hundreds of cyclists racing around the area for the famous Cascade Cycling Classic. Jefferson County and Madras are no different - according to an article in today's daily paper the sport is being championed by bike enthusiasts who are vying for a "Madras Mountain View Scenic Bikeway." We say YAY!

According to the article, the proposed 29-mile loop - which would be the state's 10th scenic bikeway - would run through Metolius, Culver and along the rim of Lake Billy Chinook. On the way back, cyclists would pass by Round Butte back to Madras. Some of our region's treasures lie in this area and seeing them by bike is extra-amazing. In fact, the route is already popular with cyclists "in the know" but the designation of a Scenic Bikeway would bring in more people.

Proponents hope that the new bikeway would bring in tourism dollars to the county, interest people traveling from Portland to Bend and also encourage locals to become more active. As one of the host locations of the MAC Dash since its inception, it's no secret that we love being active at the Madras neighborhood of Yarrow. We are watching this story closely and hope the Scenic Bikeway is approved soon by the State Parks Commission, which could take 6-12 months to make a decision.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Celebration This Friday - Madras Community Garden

When you live somewhere like Central Oregon, it's easy to appreciate the earth - we are surrounded by its beauty each and every day. For all of us in Madras, Oregon, there's a special way to celebrate this year - a new community garden!

Earth Day is this Friday and you are invited to help plant the new Madras Community Garden, which is located at 11th and B streets. The planting event will be held from 3-5 pm, and there will be some donated plants from Madras Garden Depot. Great Earth is providing snacks for the come by and get a little dirt under your fingernails!

Do you know why a community garden is so good for the community? There's a reason why they are sprouting up all around the country. Here's just a few statistics:
  • Community gardens have been shown to actually increase property values in the immediate vicinity where they are located.
  • Studies have shown that community gardeners and their children eat healthier, more nutrient rich diets than do non-gardening families
  • Community gardens allow families and individuals without land of their own the opportunity to produce food. Oftentimes gardeners take advantage of the experiential knowledge of elders to produce a significant amount of food for the household.
  • Urban agriculture is 3-5 times more productive per acre than traditional large-scale farming.
  • Community gardens can serve as an outdoor classroom where youth can learn valuable skills, like those involving practical math, communication, responsibility and cooperation. They also provide the opportunity to learn about the importance of community, stewardship and environmental responsibility.
There are so many more reasons to support Madras, Oregon by helping out with this new project! At Yarrow in Madras, we are proud to be part of this wonderful community!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Civil War Game Bumps Christmas Light Parade in Madras, Oregon

We Oregonians get a little bit fired up during Civil War weekend when the Oregon Ducks play the OSU Beavers. So fired up in fact, that the Jefferson County/Madras Chamber of Commerce decided to move Madras, Oregon's annual Christmas Lights Parade and Tree Lighting to another date!

The event time has been changed to 6 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 11, and the parade's theme this year is "Christmas of the Century."

After the parade, kids are invited to go to U.S. Bank for a visit and photos with Santa. Indian frybread and hot cocoa will be available for purchase at the Christmas Lights Parade event.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flurry of Construction at Yarrow! Come See Us Taking Shape

With several homes under construction in Yarrow, our master-planned neighborhood is taking shape. The home that is furthest along in the construction process will be completed early next year, and be available for sale. This 3 bedroom/2 bath home is being built by the Bean Foundation, a local charitable organization, and proceeds will eventually be used to serve projects for the youth and young families located in Jefferson County.

Two additional custom homes are slated to start construction this month, and are being built by owners for their primary residences. With new homes, new residents and new energy, the vision of Yarrow is being realized and we are so excited! As George Neilson, president of the Bean Foundation said, "It appears the market may be strengthening...the time is ripe to restart the new housing market." We invite you to come visit Yarrow and see what's going up! Contact Kathy Duman for a tour!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Madras Lowers SDC Fees to Attract Business

According to a recent article in the Bulletin, the city of Madras has dropped some city infrastructure fees by 20 percent to attract new business. The Madras City Council decided to cut system development charges (SDCs) to entice developers to consider Madras for their next project. SDCs are fees which developers pay to help offset the effects of growth, and pay for street and sewer improvements.

From the article:
"For a developer building a single-family residence in Madras, the SDCs before the reduction could tack on about $13,000 to the project. Now, that number will be closer to about $10,445. The amount a developer pays can vary depending on the project but the money goes toward transportation, park, wastewater and stormwater SDCs. The city then uses these funds to help fund capital improvement projects or pay off existing debt."

The city is hoping that this reduction sends a message that Madras is more business friendly than some other places. If SDCs get too high they represent a barrier to growth and progress.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madras Makes Progress on City Hall

Madras, Oregon is seeking federal money to move forward on its city hall project, which was approved by vote last year. The Bend Bulletin reported that City Administrator Mike Morgan said the city is working this week to complete an application for a loan to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Administration.

The community was divided on building the new building, which would be constructed on the site of a current park. City officials promised that more parks would be built to make up for the lost green space. One of the most recent parks to be added to the city is Crescent Park in the Yarrow neighborhood, which features a picnic and play area overlooking the Cascade Mountain Range.

The new building is expected to be about 20,000 square feet, two stories and have a plaza for Saturday markets. It would house the Police Department and other offices.

(Photo shown is from the Madras Pioneer)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

History Abounds in Central Oregon

The Barnes Circus came to Madras, Oregon in 1916 - shown in this photo published on the Madras Pioneer web site. This window into our town's history is in honor of the city's 100th anniversary being celebrated for the whole year of 2010. For celebration details, visit

Are we making a little history ourselves with the community of Yarrow? Perhaps. It is the city's first master-planned neighborhood that was designed with the community in mind...come see for yourself and we think you'll agree.